I hadn’t really exercised since high school – over a decade ago.  I was out of shape and needed to lose a lot of weight.  A couple of my friends noticed this and got me a gift certificate to train with  Stella and my life changed dramatically.lance-ba-web

Since I have been working out with her I feel better and I have a lot more energy, I have better focus at work and I have a much better posture and core.  I can now make it up the stairs at work without losing my breath and have lost 30lb to date!  In over a year of training, I have never been injured; however, I have been quite sore thanks to her well planned workouts!

Early on she suggested that I should train and run the Sun Run and I just laughed.  However, with her guidance, I was able to complete the whole 10km without any hardship!

I have a very busy schedule as a software designer and manager, but it has been worth it to see Stella even once a week.  She is very encouraging and enthusiastic.  I never thought I’d say this but she makes the workouts fun.  I would recommend her to anyone.


Lance, software designer and manager